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Indoor Fitness Classes You Gotta Try


With the rapid temperature drop, there is little to no chance you’re making it outside for that run. Don’t panic! There is no shortage of indoor fitness activities and many options to choose from. Especially if you’ve grown bored of your typical indoor workout routine, a class is right up your alley. Below is a list of fun and interesting indoor classes that will help tame your winter-workout blues.


Zumba Fitness


There is no hotter indoor fitness class than this Latin-inspired, calorie-burning activity. Even if you have no dance experience at all, it is easy to learn, and a blast to do.




Kickboxing is based on Martial Arts and stand-up combat sports. Kickboxing classes can be a fast way to burn off some calories, and aggression, in a fun, athletic setting.




Joseph Pilates developed this exercise routine in the early 20th century. It involves body-conditioning and is a whole lot more than just “intense yoga”. Pilates classes help build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, as well as tone your abs to look amazing.


Step Aerobics


Step aerobics was invented with the intention to help cure a knee injury and offers a quick cardio workout in a supportive group setting.


TRX Suspension Training


The TRX is a suspension system that provides a total-body workout that uses your body weight to create muscle-building resistance. Tons of pro athletes, including NFL QB Drew Brees, use the TRX to recover from injury and boost their performance.




Yoga is a great way to build muscles, balance, flexibility and much more.


Kettlebell Class


These weights are easily gripped and are all the rage in the fitness community. They provide an intense and efficient workout that you’ll have to try.




This is an aerobics class, you’ll spend one full hour bouncing around on trampolines. The class is available at Sky Zone at multiple locations.


Tread and Shred


This group class involves a 30-minute interval workout on the treadmill, followed by 30 minutes of strength training for a serious calorie-burning combo that might just make you want to take on the treadmill.