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Affordable Fitness Gadgets That Actually Work

Affordable Fitness Gadgets That Actually WorkRemember those late night infomercials about savvy new gym equipment for at home use? Do you also remember purchasing those overpriced promise-maker machines and regretting your decision till this very day? The millions of people who purchased such work out equipment quickly realized nothing about their body had changed. The companies that sold such equipment claimed the reason why people didn’t see results is because they “didn’t work hard enough.” In reality, the reason why people didn’t see results is because the equipment was horribly designed and promised no results no matter how long you used the piece of junk for. Now, ever since these old infomercials made such false promises, people shy away from purchasing new workout equipment, which is ashame. Current gym equipment on the market today is backed by real life user reviews and YouTube tutorials through the roof. Plus, simply taking a few minutes out of your day to research these new gadgets will save you a lot of heartache. Below are a few fitness gadgets that are affordable and worth taking a more in-depth look into.


By now, everyone knows what it takes to burn a lot of calories. Burning a lot of calories takes maximum effort with short breaks in between and doing it over again. This is called interval training. When you do intervals like this, it is important to use something that helps you efficiently keep track of time. Gymboss is a fantastic gadget for this reason. Merely set the intervals to any time you want and it tells you when to stop and start.

Vibram FiveFingers

This gadget is associated with a new pair of running shoes. Back in the olden day’s people never ran with fancy cushioned shoes like Nike. People used to run barefoot, I know, it’s hard to believe. FiveFingers will mimic this.

Running watch

The market contains a wide variety of running watches each with unique features that set them apart from the rest. Sometimes the look and feel differs the most. What’s really important is which features it contains. You want to purchase a running watch that measures heart rate and how far you ran. Also how long it took you is crucial. If you can find one in your price range that can measure calories, it’s even better.

Resistance bands

A little bit ago someone realized the use of resistance bands could help overcome injuries and stretch a lot easier, however, did not gain much public appeal. Then another person came along and made them much bigger so you could replicate proper gym exercises in your home. This started a trend and encouraged more and more people to start using them, and now some people don’t use anything else. They are also very handy to keep around the home.