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Best Smart Gym Gadgets of 2018

There are many smart gym gadgets out there that I bet you don’t know about.


The gym is one place that could definitely use a smart technology increase to improve efficiency. These smart gadgets don’t refer to the gym equipment itself like treadmills, cable systems, or bench press stations. These smart gadgets refer to what you actually are bringing to the gym- the gear you should use every time you workout.


The market is already filled with wrist wearables and fitness trackers so below is a list of different smart gadgets you could use.


Instead, how about a smart cup that tells you if you need to hydrate? Or Bluetooth dumbbells that help you improve your strength training?


If these ideas sound like something you could put to good use, read on!


Below is a list of the best smart gym gadgets of 2018.


Mark One Pryme Vessyl


The Mark One Pryme Vessyl is a smart cup that can help you track hydration.


The technology behind it is simple. The Pryme Vessyl tracks your water consumption and then will tell you important milestones through notifications and reminders. This gadget is backed by a ton of research.


It works like a fitness tracker would work. A tracker, for example, will track your total steps and the calories you’ve burned while active. Once you reach a pre-defined goal it will let you know you were successful for the day.


Digitsole Smart Shoes


These shoes will auto tighten, so you never need to tie them!


The Digitsole Smart Shoe is one of the most useful smart gym gadgets for fitness and health enthusiasts.


Besides being able to automatically tighten themselves, they can also keep your feet warm while you work out. Once they reach a temperature threshold they will automatically turn off to conserve battery life.


Skulpt Scanner


The Skulpt Scanner will help you keep an eye on your body fat percentage, and offer in-depth muscle analysis.


Most of the smart gym gadgets out there only monitor basic activity like total calories burned and the number of steps. These stats, however, are basically useless when it comes to strength training and getting lean.


Skulpt is a remarkable tracker that lets you see a ton of detailed stats regarding your activity and fitness. It will measure your body fat percentage – in 24 different areas of your body no less. It will also provide in-depth muscle analysis. It can even give some workout tips and guidance to help you build more muscle, boost your strength, or just burn some fat.