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Best High Protein Foods


Most roads lead to high-quality protein. An immunity builder, creator of muscle, stress reducer, weight loss tool, and much more. Protein foods strengthen bones, cartilage, and skin, improve mood, and regulate hormones and other body chemicals.


The importance of High Protein Foods


The benefits of a high protein snack go beyond hitting your macro goals. As well as boosting your metabolism, reducing appetite, and increasing muscle mass, munching protein foods results in healthy bones, cartilage, skin, tissues, and blood.


The Department of Health recommends that men consume 0.75 grams of protein for every kilo of bodyweight – that’s around 56g daily for the average person.


The Importance of Low Carb foods


As well as helping to side-step the inevitable food coma that processed snacks bring on, incorporating protein foods into a low carbohydrate diet yields have proven health benefits. Reducing your carb intake can help to reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar, studies show. In fact, it could even help you live longer.


Below are some of the best high protein low carb snacks


Two boiled eggs


One large egg contains, on average, six grams of protein and just 0.6 grams of carbs. They’re packed more nutrients calorie-for-calorie than pretty much any other food and they make portion control easy for even the most reluctant meal preppers. Just boil, cool, and go.


Peanut butter


A 30g spoonful of peanut butter provides around eight grams of protein and six grams of carbs. Spoon into celery boats – an entire stalk racks up just 1.2 grams of carbs – or chop up some carrots for a strange-but-satisfying snack.




The protein content of cheese varies depending on the style – Parmesan, Swiss, Pecorino, Edam, and Gouda offer the most protein, providing between 26g and 35g of the muscle macro per 100g severing, with around 1.3g of carbs.


Greek yogurt


Tany and filling, Greek yogurt contains roughly twice the amount of protein of regular yogurt, coming in between 10g and 20g depending on the brand.


Protein shake


This is a pretty standard form of protein consumption. There is no quicker and more efficient way to up your protein intake in a bid to build muscle mass. The amount of protein does vary wildly from brand to brand, so it’s worth forking out for a half decent one.