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Give Your Fitness Routine A Spring Cleaning

Anyone, who successfully keeps up a regular practice of exercise, knows it takes serious commitment. But, every so often, even the best exercise routine needs a spring cleaning. The old routine needs some serious inspiration.


Staying committed to a fitness routine can be a struggle. How many gym memberships go unused, week after week? Once they achieve success at meeting a schedule, most people soon begin to feel the benefits of exercise. Their confidence rises, they have more energy, gain muscle tone, and perhaps move closer to their ideal weight. People who exercise regularly feel better, which helps them stick with it. But what happens when that early excitement wears off and the routine begins to feel stale or even boring? What’s the next step if physical conditioning appears to have stalled?


There are lots of ways to re-ignite excitement about exercising. Re-assessing goals, reviewing health needs and achievements, purchasing updated equipment, and trying something completely new, are all good strategies. Anyone who has remained dedicated to a fitness schedule over a long period of time knows the same routine can get stale. A runner might try switching to a bike now and again, incorporate some weight lifting, or add new stretches into the routine. For those who tend to exercise alone, exploring classes offered at their gym or in their community offer great possibilities for re-energizing a tired routine. What about a yoga class?


Once the habit of exercise is well ingrained, the combination of increased confidence and the need to add some interest can be a great motivator for those initially intimidated by complicated-looking equipment at the gym, or shy about joining a class. This might also be a good time to consider purchasing a few sessions with a trainer.


Maintaining enthusiasm is important for continued success. While losing weight and improving overall health might have been initial fitness goals, exercise offers the excitement of meeting new challenges, like running a marathon or entering a bicycle race. It’s a great way to stay in touch with overall health and wellness, set new goals, and pursue new opportunities.