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Summer Body: Tips for Pre-Summer Prep


We are nearing that time of year where everyone wants to lose a few pounds, to get ready for summer and no doubt there will be an array of odd diets in the media. Many of these diets are unrealistic for the average individual due to not being able to afford countless ingredients, having the time to make the meals required, or the diets that restrict the intake of food can be hard to maintain. Not only are some of these diets unrealistic, but they’re incredibly bad for you. If you do manage to lose weight on them it’s only a matter of time before you put it back on.


There are many healthy ways to lose weight for the summer. The right way is the only way.


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to weight loss, as many people take the approach of less food and huge amounts of cardio. This couldn’t be more wrong. The main contributor to weight loss is in your food. Quite possibly the reason you’re not losing any weight is that you’re not eating enough. You should aim to have three main meals, three snacks and eight glasses of water each day. It will help flush out toxins, is great for your skin and your heart boosts your energy levels and helps aid digestion.


Cardio is important for weight loss, but you also need to incorporate strength work for the most impact on weight when it comes to exercise. When you strengthen and build your muscles your body will burn off more calories while you’re doing nothing, as it increases your metabolism.


Exercise should be enjoyable. It should be fun and something you look forward to. If you don’t like the gym or don’t have a huge amount of time spare to attend classes, there are plenty of at home workouts available online that don’t require equipment or take up too much of your day.


If you can afford a gym membership, try out a variety of classes and see which ones you like best. There are all kinds of classes out there, from beginners to advance, from Zumba to Combat.