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The Moov Now

Steve moye moov now

A runner with the Moov Now strapped to their ankle.

With such gadgets as the Apple Watch and Fitbit gaining traction, it might seem like a bad idea to launch another sort of app in a rapidly-saturating market.  Yet that’s exactly what’s happening with the Moov Now.  While this seems like a major business folly, when taking a glance at this device, it doesn’t look like anything that the bigger hitters have been doing, and indeed, what’s inside it could be just enough to make it relevant in the fitness tech market.

Like its competitors, the Moov Now does both step and sleep tracking.  However, its truly novel feature is real-time coaching feedback that comes in the form of various exercise programs.  Given its special pre-order price of just $60, it’s also remarkably inexpensive when compared to the commodity-level $100 price point.  When you strap the Moov Now on your ankle, choose the Run & Walk program, and the app will push real-time coaching feedback directly into your earbuds as you jog.  The wearable app’s motion sensors track the position of your feet in real-time, so that Moov Now can deliver data that you simply can’t get from competitors.  Not only does the app coach you on your pace, but even tries to correct bad form.

While workouts can be adjusted for various fitness and experience levels, the platform goes beyond mere bipedal motion.  For example, the Cardio Boxing workout will simulate the call-and-response shadow-boxing routines of a gym coach in the form of icons for specific punches, a lot like how “Guitar Hero” displays visual cues for playing specific chords.  If you punch accurately and quickly enough, then you’ll earn a higher score.  The Cardio Boxing workout also supports two Moov Nows, one for each wrist, for a more complete workout experience.  Out of the various exercise programs, however, swimming is one of its best; the Moov Now is waterproof down to three meters, so that you’ll be able to wear it in the pool.  While the Swim program doesn’t provide real-time coaching, you can check data once you’re out of the pool.